Piscifactoría del Alba S.A., has three farms and a processing plant, all of them in the Principality of Asturias in the north of Spain. The environment and the quality of the rivers of this province are key factors for trout production.



Alba 1 (Soto de Agues)

Our production cycle  start in the river Alba, in the heart of the Redes Natural Park and also Biosphere Reserve area, with our hatchery farm. Alba´s river has an excellent water quality which allow to breed this delicate specie.


Alba 2 (Rioseco)

After a few months the fingerlings are moved to our farm in Rioseco, in the Nalon´s river, where we carry out the pre-growing.

The fish stay in this farm until the weight of 100 grames, and in that moment they are moved to the last stage of our production cycle.

Alba 3 (Grado)

In the river Cubia, a few kilometers away from the village Grado, is located our on-growing farm. Cubia´s river, tributary of Nalon´s river, has in the locality of Agüera, an excellent water quality that provides to our fish their peculiar taste and characteristics in the last weeks of the production cycle.

Processing Plant

Once the fish reach the required size, they enter in the processing plant, where we prepare our different products, always under the most strict food security conditions.