Quality and Food Safety


Piscifactoría del Alba calidad y seguridadFor Piscifactoría del Alba S.A., quality as much as food safety, are essential objectives in our products. See here the Food Safety Policy.

For this reason, from 2012 we are working under the standard of Food Safety ISO:22000. See here the certificate.

We offer a traceable product in all the stages of our production cycle, from the trout´s birth until the place on the markets, guaranteeing food safety in our products.

Also a guarantee of a correct traceability of the product is boosted with the “Chain of Custody” certificate, CoC. See here the certificate.

Routinely an external organization is responsible of monitoring the products quality, and also specific parameters related with food safety, in all the equipment and in the processing plant.



Committed with the quality of our products .


Food safety management system ISO:22000.


Certificate of “Chain of Custody” CoC.



External & Internal quality and safety monitoring.