In Piscifactoría del Alba S.A. we always have cared for developing our activity in the most sustainable way.  After all this years, finally in April 2017, we got the award of been the firts Spanish company in breed «sustainable trouts» with the certification in ASC “Aquaculture Stewardarship Council”. See here the ASC certificate.

Sustainable aquaculture is focus, under the ASC standard, in the protection of the environment, local communities and farm workers.


ASC standard is a strict model of good practices related with the following points:

  1. Legal compliance (obeying the law, the legal right to be there).
  2. Preservation of the natural environment and biodiversity.
  3. Preservation of water resources and water quality. Preservation of water ecosystems. See here macroinvertebrate survey results.
  4. Preservation of diversity of species and wild populations (e.g., preventing escapes which could pose a threat to wild fish, or avoiding wild animals to feed on our fish).
  5. Responsible sourcing and use of animal feed and other resources.
  6. Good animal health and husbandry (no unnecessary use of antibiotics and chemicals, keep a low fish population density to improve animal welfare). See here disclosure of antimicrobial treatments.
  7. Pun into practice the principle of the «Three R´s of the Environment»: Reduce, reuse, recycle our waste.
  8. Social responsibility (e.g. no child labour, health and safety of workers, freedom of association, consulations with local comunities. See here our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.